Chipboard Flooring

STEICOdek and STEICOweatherdek chipboard flooring products.


Quality load bearing and moisture resistant particleboard floor decking.

  • For domestic and light commercial use.

  • Available in 18 or 22mm thickness.

  • Standard size 2400 x 600mm laid measure

  • Tongued and Grooved “easy” fit profiles.

  • Produced to BS EN 312

  • European E1 standard for low formaldehyde

  • Moisture resistant

  • Achieves Construction Products Directive 89/106/EC

  • All timber FSC certified Chain of Custody

STEICOdek is a BBA approved P5 T&G 4 sides 2400 x 600 mm chipboard flooring product in 18mm and 22 mm thicknesses. When on site boards should be stored in a dry covered building. It is recommended to condition the boards in the area to be laid for 2-3 days to avoid movement problems. It is an NHBC requirement that the building be weather tight before boards are laid. Timber joists should be level and have a moisture content of under 20% before laying boards. Always lay boards with the stamped surface uppermost ensuring correct fitting of the TG profile. Plan for all pipes and services. Boards should be laid brickwork fashion with all short ends supported on a joist or with a noggin. To avoid noisy floors ensure joints are glued with a waterproof D3 adhesive and boards should also be glued to the joists or beams regardless of the mechanical fixings. For further information consult the fixing data sheet.



STEICOweatherdek is a BBA approved P5 T&G 4 sides 2400 x 600 mm chipboard flooring product available in 18 mm and 22 mm thicknesses. The surface of the chipboard is coated with a tough, durable, hard wearing and waterproof, peel-off film. This UV resistant and anti slip surface protects the chipboard from mechanical damage, dirt and moisture. The trademark green film allows the floor to be laid before it is protected by a roof, or any further floors. The level of weather protection provided by the film, when laid in accordance with the instructions, is such that the surface can remain exposed for up to 42 days without detriment to the underlying chipboard. Saves time and money on buying, fitting, removing and disposing of expensive secondary surface protective sheets. In addition, the sealant adhesive between the chipboard and the film is a specially developed formula that provides an extra level of protection against light damage and moisture, even when the surface film is itself damaged. This film can be simply peeled off; leaving a pristine surface that can be buffed up to give a truly professional finish.


  • A unique bonding agent

  • Application gun

  • D3 adhesive for the T&G joints

  • Weatherdek tape with applicator for sealing board joints and edges


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