Decorative Aggregates & Topsoil

Decorative Aggregates

Decorative aggregates can add that all important finishing touch to any garden, adding a real wow factor. We have a vast range of aggregates that are perfect around borders of paved areas and between paving stones. They are equally at home on paths, patios or driveways. Decorative aggregate products are available in large poly bags and bulk bags (the equivalent of approximately 36 bags).

10mm Golden Gravel

10-20mm Harvest Gold

14-20mm Mellow Cotswold

10-20mm Canterbury Spar

14mm Trent Pink

Golden Gravel

Harvest Gold

Mellow Cotswold

Canterbury Spar

Trent Pink

14mm Weathered Red

14mm Driveway Brindle

8-11mm Nordic Spar

14mm Forest Green

14mm Derbyshire Grey

Weathered Red

Driveway Brindle

Nordic Spar

Forest Green

Derbyshire Grey

20mm Weathered Flint

8-11mm Multimix

20-40mm Swithland Green

14mm Silver Granite

20-40mm Lakeland Blue

Weathered Flint


Swithland Green

Silver Granite

Lakeland Blue

20-40mm Celtic Plum

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Celtic Plum



Decorative Stone

Pebbles, Cobbles and Rockery Stone

Our beautiful pebbles, cobbles and rockery stone can add that designer element to your garden. Perfect as an integral part of a water feature, they also lend a point of visual interest in large paved areas and can even work superbly as a decorative border.

20-30mm Highland Pebbles

75-100mm Scottish Cobbles

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Highland Pebbles

Scottish Cobbles





Weed Control Fabric

Weed Control Fabric

Use Under:

  • Paths

  • Patios

  • Decking

  • Block Paving

  • Bark

  • Soft Landscaping


  • Controls Weeds

  • Aids Drainage

  • Allows Air & Water Through

  • Separation

  • Reduces Maintenance


  • 1 x 15m Roll

  • 2 x 25m Roll

TDP115 Geotextile

Use Under:

  • Paths

  • Patios

  • Roadways

  • Roadways


  • Stabilises and Strengthens

  • Helps Prevent Unevenness

  • Prevents Mixing Of Construction Layers

  • Filter Layer For Drainage


  • 4.5 x 11.1m Handypack

  • 2 x 25m Roll

  • 2 x 50m Roll

  • 4 x 100m Roll

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Compost, Bark and Turf

Buildbase Go Green Topsoil Bulk Bag
A new top soil product, specially developed for multi use applications and for better general plant health. A blend of high quality sandy top soils and 100% recycled green composts.

Topsoil, compost, bark and turf

Buildbase Go Green Compost Bulk Bag
All Purpose Compost is a 100% peat-free general-purpose growing medium suitable for a wide range of uses including potting, container growing, tree and shrub planting and seed sowing. Ideal as a soil improver or for any type of planting.

Buildbase Blended Premium Topsoil Bulk Bag
A high performance manufactured rootzone/topsoil which conforms to BS 3882.

Buildbase High Quality General Purpose Bark Mulch 35-60mm Bulk Bag
A very functional but attractive mixed conifer bark. Nominal particle size of 35 - 60mm. A great all round bark product and good for ground cover and/or mulching.

Buildbase Premium Quality Ornamental/Play Grade Mulch 18-35mm Bulk Bag
A deluxe pure pine bark certificated to BS EN 1177 1998. Has a particle size of 18-35mm. An extremely long lasting product. Will not leave unsightly residues on children’s clothing.

Inturf RTF Turf – Pallet of 70 Sq Metres
Rhizomatous Tall Fescue (or Really Tough Turf as it has been described) performs well in drought, doesn’t mind being waterlogged in flooding, is shade tolerant, salt tolerant and is incredibly hard wearing. Great for difficult lawn areas.

Inturf Classic Turf – Pallet of 70 Sq Metres
High quality turfgrass mixture designed to provide the basis for hard wearing lawns, golf courses and formal gardens with an ornamental appearance. The grasses contained within the sward are selected from the highest rated seed in Europe and produce the best results for the British Isles climate. Grown on the best sandy loam soils in the country for turf production.

Q Lawns Turf - pallet of 70 metres
Grown on lightweight, nutrient rich soils and usually available for next day delivery, Q Lawns turf is a cost-effective and attractive way to put those finishing touches to a project. Suitable for most landscaping applications, Q Lawns turf creates a hardwearing, weed-free lawn in next to no time.

As turf is a perishable product special terms and conditions apply. Please read the Inturf guide to laying a lawn and lawn aftercare BEFORE ordering turf, or visit or