Roof Tiles

Roof & Slate Tiles

Buildbase have a comprehensive range of tiles from which to choose. You will need to decide whether the roof is something you will tackle yourself, or whether this is an area that calls for the services of a specialist. If you decide to sub-contract this work we recommend that you ensure the roofing contractor is a member of an appropriate trade body or federation, and that appropriate insurances and guarantees are available.

Marley Roof TilesIf necessary ask to see some examples of the contractors work on other properties so that you can satisfy yourself of their capability. Your Buildbase contact may be able to help you with names of contractors working in the local area.

Having decided on the choice of tiles for the project it can be a good idea to look at other properties in the area that have used the same type of roof tiles, as you can then assess how these look after weathering.

Current building regulations require appropriate ventilation of roof spaces to prevent condensation and damp affecting the structure or insulation within the roof space. This can be achieved in a number of different ways using special ventilation products that fit in the eaves, or in the roof ridge, or by using tile vents.


Buildbase currently stock and service tiles from the following producers:

  • Eternit Roof Tiles (Marley)

  • Midland Slate & Tile - reclaimed & new slates and tiles

  • Redland Roofing (Lafarge)

  • Russell Roof Tiles

  • Sandtoft Roof Tiles

  • Koramic Tiles (Weinerberger)

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