Wall Ties & Straps

ANCON Staifix Range of Standard Ties

Staifix HRT4 Housing Tie

Staifix HRT4 Housing Tie

Designed to replace the Butterfly Tie.

Suitable for use in domestic houses up to 2 storeys or 10 metres in height.

Lengths 200, 225mm

Staifix RT2 General Purpose Tie

Staifix RT2 General Purpose Tie

Designed to replace the double triangle tie.

Suitable for use in domestic houses and small commercial; buildings up to 3 storeys or 15 metres in height.

Lengths 200, 225mm

Ancorn ST1 Tie

Ancon ST1 Tie

A heavy duty wall tie suitable for use in all types of building of any height anywhere in the British Isles.

Lengths 200, 225, 250, 300mm

Staifix Starter Tie

Staifix Starter Tie

Simplifies the building of new walls onto existing structures and removes the need for jointing.

Designed for use in brickwork and blockwork of up to 8 metres in height.

Supplied with an 8mm nylon plug requiring an 8mm drill bit.

Staifix Frame Tie

Staifix Frame Tie

Used to join timber door and window frames directly to brickwork.

Screws into timber frames without the need for a plot hole.

Suitable for buildings up to 15 metres in height.

Staifix Timber Frame Tie

Staifix Timber Frame Tie

Designed to fix brickwork or blockwork to timber-framed structures.

Suitable for use in in domestic housing, industrial and commercial developments up to 4 storeys in height.

Universal Insulation retaining Clip

Universal Insulation retaining Clip

Suits all standard Ancon and Staifix ties. Lengths 80mm

IKOpro Synthaprufe Original

Suregraft Wall Starter Kit

The simple way to join new walls to existing masonry, without cutting out brickwork.


SIMPSON Strong-Tie Restraint Straps

Light and Heavy Restraint Straps

L & H Light and Heavy Restraint Straps

H and L straps are designed to The Building Regulations, BS 5268 Part 3 and other building standards for vertical and horizontal restraint when connecting timber floor and roof systems to masonry walls.

  • Heavy restraint straps meet requirements for lateral restraint of roof trusses, rafters and joists tied into masonry walls.

  • Light restraint straps are designed for vertical loads such as wall plates on top of masonry walls.

  • All common sizes in stock from 500 to 2000mm long, 100mm increments.


H: 30mm x 5mm; L: 30mm x 2.5mm, mild steel. FINISH: Z300 pre-galvanised and edge coated.


Use all specified fasteners.

  • Horizontal lateral restraint straps should be spaced not more than 2m centres and attached to at least 3 timber members through the use of noggings and packing. Attach to timber members with four steel screws or four 4mm x 75mm round nails for roofs and two into each joist for floors. The bend length should be a minimum of 100mm and should be positioned at the centre of an uncut block or brick.

  • Vertical restraint strapping should be at least 1m long. Where straps are fixed to masonry, hardened nails Ø4mm x 75mm long or wood screws into plugs #12 x 50mm long should be used. The number of fixings should be in accordance with the design requirements and the lowest fixing should be located within 150mm of the bottom of the vertical strap.


Specify model series, overall length, bend (B) dimension and/or twist (T) dimension.

Example: 30 x 5 strap that has an overall length of 1m, a bend at 10cm and a twist at 20cm. (See illustration for detail on measuring bend & twist dimensions).

Common Strap Sizes

Typical Strap Configurations

Typical Strap Configurations
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