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OmniFit Insulation

OmniFit Insulation

The versatile OmniFit range from Knauf Insulation has been designed for use in a number of different applications. This means you only need to buy one product which makes on-site handling more efficient, for larger jobs you can combine insulation types and buy in bulk. OmniFit offers the same thermal resistance as the premium Earthwool Loft Roll 40 but its acoustic properties also mean it is suitable for sound-deadening requirements, being comparable to Acoustic Roll in performance.

Both slabs and rolls are manufactured from non-combustible glass mineral wool and have an A1 fire rating. They also both incorporate the Ecose technology removing harmful chemicals from the manufacturing process.

OmniFit Slab is more rigid than OmniFit Roll and can simply be lifted into place where it will hold its shape. This makes the product ideal for more applications such as pitched roofs when insulating between rafters, timber frame and steel frame walls as well as internal stud walls and suspended, internal or separating floors. Slabs have a slightly better thermal performance than rolls due to the increased density.

OmniFit Roll available in:

  • 100mm (8.16m2)
  • 150mm (5.46m2)
  • 200mm (4.08m2)

Use for:

  • Internal walls
  • Pitched roofs at ceiling level
  • Suspended timber floors
  • Separating floors
  • Internal floors

OmniFit Slab available in:

  • 50mm x 600mm (8.64m2)
  • 70mm x 600mm (5.76m2)
  • 100mm x 400m (2.88m2)
  • 100mm x 600mm (4.32m2)

Use for:

  • Pitched roof at rafter level
  • Timber frame walls
  • Light steel frame walls
  • Internal walls

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