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Genesis 1.85m TCR - Fast Fit Ramp System Matt Brass 40mm

Part Number : 8701944

Genesis APS - Fast Fit Slimline - TCR - Ramp System - Width: 40mm - Length: 1850mm - Colour: Brass - Style: Matt
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This aluminium rounded cover features an innovative hidden mechanical fixing mechanism, and is available in metallic and wood finishes. Due to the pivot system incorporated into the fixing system and rounded cover, the TCR profile will accommodate height differentials of up to 18mm. So it’s ideal for use where most hard floor coverings meet a smooth or carpet type floor covering. Genesis TCR is an Aluminium Cover and PVC base two part ramp designed to provide a neat, clean transition from two floor coverings of different heights. It also provides an excellent cover where an expansion gap has been left or is desired between two different floor coverings. Simple to install the TCR provides a perfect safe secure finish to the flooring installation. Can accommodate a maximum height variance of 18mm.
Genesis Aluminium Profiles are available in different anodised finishes and powder coated finishes - All natural Aluminium (Mill Finish) has an oxide film of approx 0.2 microns, when Mechanically & Chemically polished the anodising process increases this to 5 microns, up-to 20 microns for the Matt finish and 100 for Powder coated.
Installation : 1) Ensure that the TCR profile width cover the gap between the two floor coverings and that the two floor coverings are level. 2) Simply drill a 6ø hole in the floor at 25-30cm intervals for 1.85m and 15-20cm for the 0.92m to depth of approx 2-3cm. Starting approximately 5 cm in from each end. 3) Secure the PVC fixing plugs onto the top cover section of the profile, simply slide them along the profile by locking the top square section into the runner on the underside of the profile, lining them up with the pre drilled holes in the floor. 4) Push the screws into the holes, gently apply hand pressure lowering the profile into position and if required tap the cover section with a rubber mallet thus locking the profile into place and securing both floor coverings.

  • Genesis TCR profiles do not require any special maintenance. Oxidation films on Aluminium may be removed with a common polishing agent; however, they do reoccur.
  • Damaged anodised finishes may only be repaired by re-coating. Aluminium must be tested to verify its suitability if chemical stresses are anticipated.
  • Cementitious materials, in conjunction with moisture, become alkaline. Since aluminium is sensitive to alkaline substances, exposure to the alkali (depending on the concentration and time of exposure) may result in corrosion (aluminium hydroxide formation). Therefore, it is important to remove adhesive or grout residue from visible surfaces. In addition, ensure that the profile is solidly embedded in the setting material and that all cavities are filled to prevent the collection of alkaline water.
  • The anodised layer creates a finish that retains a uniform appearance during normal use. The surface, however, is susceptible to scratching and wear and may be damaged by tile adhesive, mortar, or grouting material.
  • Therefore, setting materials must be removed immediately. Otherwise, the description regarding aluminium applies.

Technical Specification

Technical Specifications

Colour Brass
Width (mm) 40
Length (mm) 1850

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