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Concrete padstones are a very vital part of construction, these padstones are designed not to be crushed like regular blockwork when subjected to the pressure of the steel or concrete lintel and the weight above them.

At Buildbase we work with leading manufactures, Naylor padstones and Supreme concrete padstones to provide high quality products at extremely competitive prices. We aim to offer a number of padstone sizes to ensure the right fit for your project.

A popular padstone product would be our Supreme padstones, such as Supreme Padstone PAD07 which are high strength dense concrete blocks designed to support the weight of load-bearing lintels whose ends rest on the padstone. The concrete used in the manufacturing of the padstone conforms to a compressive strength class C40/50.

For your other projects please view our other lintels for solid walls and cavity walls.

For more information on our lintels please check our how to guide. However, before ordering a lintel, it is essential that you speak with the project’s structural engineer to advise on the correct lintel for the job.

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