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OSB Boards & Sterling Board

OSB Boards & Sterling Board

OSB or oriented strand board is a versatile and durable building board, a general-purpose board alternative to plywood. Its construction is similar to that of Plywood, with an opposing orientation of wood fibres that creates rigidity and strength. OSB has superb load-bearing properties, excellent cross dimensional stability, and an attractive wood patterned finish. OSB board is one of the most-used material sheets in various applications. OSB sheet is a strong, versatile, and reliable engineered sheet material designed to be used in a myriad of applications such as flooring and roofing, especially in areas of high humidity. OSB wood sheet is manufactured by use of adhesives and layers of strands of wood, these strands give OSB its unique appearance. OSB is also used as an alternative to softwood plywood as it offers the same performance but is often cheaper than plywood. OSB is commonly used as sheathing materials on floors, ceilings, and walls in today’s construction. OSB panel typically has a particoloured and rough surface where the wood strips are laid disproportionately crisscrossing each other in different thicknesses and types and this is the reason behind OSB’s strength and flexibility.

There are four main types of OSB wood sheets and the classification is usually based on their physical features. OSB 1 is used for general applications but in dry conditions only. The strand board is fixed together using UF glue (Urea Formaldehyde) and it is used in non-structural applications, making furniture, in decorations, and some packaging. Sterling Board/OSB2 is an engineered wood sheet ideal for structural application in dry load-bearing conditions, constructed by PMDI (Isocyanate) glue that is used for the core, while MUF (Melamine-Urea-Formaldehyde) is used for the outer wood strips. OSB 2 is a low-cost and great alternative to plywood, used in applications such as roofing, making furniture, packaging, flooring, decoration, walls, and pallets. Sterling board OSB 3 is designed to withstand the toughest, humid conditions. OSB 3 is an engineered sheet material meant for structural applications in load-bearing and harsh conditions. With OSB 3, the wood strips are bound together using PF (Phenol-Formaldehyde) glue and are utilised in applications such as roofing, wall sheathing, packaging, flooring, and signboards. OSB 4 is generally termed as a heavy-duty load-bearing Oriented Strand Board. Similar to OSB 3, OSB 4 is also used in harshest/humid conditions, the glue used is PF (Phenol-Formaldehyde). OSB 4 is used as a structural panel in applications such as flooring and subflooring, roofing, wall sheathing, I-beams, and structural elements.

There are many variations of OSB board that have many different uses and performance-enhancing features. Knowing which type is best for your project is critical for ensuring the fulfillment of any building requirements and regulations. Read our article to learn more about the different types, uses, and benefits of OSB.

We stock various high-quality and cost-effective OSB sheets, including sterling board, OSB2, and OSB3. Square edge OSB sheets are generally used for walling, partitioning, and flooring, whilst tongue and groove OSB are often used for roofing and flooring. Explore a high-quality range of OSB board & chipboard products, great for sheathing, flooring, countertops, and much more. For your other projects, we have a wide range of other sheet materials, such as MDF boards and chipboard. Shop our high-quality selection of OSB products, suitable for interior or exterior use including roofing and flooring, and available in a range of lengths and sizes.

OSB can be vital to the structural integrity of a project, so it’s very important to choose the correct product for your end-use. If you cannot find the product you require or are unsure of which product to use, please contact your local branch for assistance. Locate your branch using our branch locator. Alternatively, book an appointment with an expert.

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