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Premium Grade PSE

Premium Grade PSE

PSE, or planed square edge timber is used in internal joinery application, where a precise finish is needed. PSE timber is usually kiln dried wood which protects against twisting and splitting. For premium grade PSE there are often two sets of profile measurements, the first is the original size of the timber. The second, usually in brackets, is the planed finished size of the timber, i.e. the actual dimensions of the finished product you will receive.
This is because PSE timber loses some of the width and height during the process of planing.

Typically, there are three grades of wood, unsorted being the highest grade, followed by sawfalling grade which includes a mixture of the best and medium grades, then finally 4th grade or 5th grade which are used where the appearance of the wood is less important.

For your other projects we have a comprehensive range of timber products, including shiplap cladding and match board and treated timber.

It is very important to choose the correct PSE product for your end use. If you cannot find the product you require, or are unsure of which product to use, please contact your local branch for assistance. Locate your branch using our branch locator. Or alternatively book an appointment with an expert.

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