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Sharp Sand

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Sharp Sand

Sharp sand, also known as concreting, coarse, or grit sand, contains a greater proportion of larger particles than building sand and holds a gritty texture. As a result, sharp sand is best used as part of the base underneath driveways, patios, artificial grass, or block paving, where a layer of hardcore or MOT is used, then topped with a layer of sand and compacted for a smooth and level surface.

Sharp sand is ideal for screeds, renders or concrete, and can also be used when laying slabs or block paving. Additionally, sharp sand can be added and forked into peat and compost for root cuttings and propagating cuttings which improves the soil's overall drainage. Sharp sand can also be used to loosen heavy clay soil and when mixed with cement and gravel to make concrete and has an array of applications within the construction industry. Using sharp sand in concrete provides more strength and less flexibility compared to other types of sand.

Sharp sand has a low silt and clay content which also makes it a free-draining material. When it comes to sharp sand, the larger grain size of sharp sand can reduce the amount of retained water and makes it free draining. Sharps sand's efficient drainage properties make it the ideal type of sand for using as a foundation layer for block pavingpatio paving, or landscaping projects. A simple way to determine the difference in the sand is by gathering a pile of each type of sand and giving each pile a gentle squeeze. Sharp sand will feel coarser than sand that is soft. Soft sand or building sand will build a compact sandcastle, while sharp sand cannot be molded into any shape.

Our sand is typically sold as either a bulk bag sharp sand which is minimum fill 800kg or Sharp Sand 25kg poly bags. If you are unsure how much sand you’ll require, please use our aggregate and sand calculator. Please note, sharp sand should not be used for jointing patio slabs or block paving. For this, you’ll need kiln dried jointing sand.

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